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2020 WIC Policy Priorities

By National WIC Association

NWA’S 2020 WIC Policy Priorities:

  1. Fully fund WIC in FY 2020 and provide food-cost flexibility
  2. Invest in the Contingency Fund to ensure continued WIC operations
  3. Expand the WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program
  4. Support the integration of community health into WIC practice
  5. Ensure access to WIC for all eligible families
  6. Extend WIC eligibility to age six
  7. Extend post-partum WIC eligibility to two years
  8. Extend WIC certifications for all family members to two years
  9. Protect and preserve the scientific integrity of the WIC food package
  10. Support the inclusion of WIC in maternal mortality legislation
  11. Support WIC’s continued transition to electronic benefits service delivery

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Date Added
March 6, 2019

National WIC Association (2019) 2018 WIC Legislative Priorities. Available online: https://media.nwica.org/2020-wic-policy-priorities.pdf