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Feeding Practices

Former WIC participant, Louisiana

“The healthy foods I ate as a WIC baby helped me grow into a healthy young woman. I believe in eating healthy and I exercise regularly. I currently work in […]

WIC grandfather, Idaho

“I am a single grandfather raising my daughter’s children, ages 6 months and 2 years old. WIC helped me get formula for the baby immediately after his mother was incarcerated. […]

WIC mom, Idaho

“My son loves the fact that the WIC checks have his name on them. He likes to pick out his own produce. I let him pick what he thinks looks […]

WIC mom, New Jersey

“I love WIC because it keeps me informed with the things my baby and I need to be doing – for example, eating the right/healthy foods to support both of […]

WIC Mom, American Samoa

“As a young woman who was still in college with no job, I had no responsibility and a carefree attitude that any young adult would have, but little did I […]

Food Parenting Practices in Rural Poverty Context

Abstract Little is known about how low-income, rural mothers shape child eating behaviors. Descriptive and qualitative analysis of 55 mothers’ surveys and in-depth interviews with 17 mothers in Washington state […]