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Advocacy Toolkit: The Power of WIC Advocacy

This resource unpacks the different forms of advocacy and highlights the role that WIC advocacy – including public education efforts and lobbying activities – can play in improving WIC program […]

Educating Washington: Why Engaging with DC Matters for WIC

This resource walks through critical processes that inform WIC policy, including annual appropriations, Child Nutrition Reauthorization, and USDA rulemaking. WIC providers should monitor and engage in these processes to ensure […]

Key Messages: Spring 2023

This resource provides a concise overview of critical public education and advocacy priorities for the WIC community. Throughout Spring 2023, WIC providers should be elevating the importance of securing funding […]

Child Nutrition Reauthorization Priorities

The Child Nutrition Reauthorization process is the prime opportunity to enact WIC reforms to improve service delivery and leverage WIC’s effective intervention to address national public health priorities. A reauthorization […]