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The National WIC Association (NWA) partnered with StoryCorps and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to gather stories from WIC participants during the COVID-19 pandemic. These stories represent the diversity of the WIC community. NWA is grateful for these WIC community members’ willingness to share their personal stories.

Resources in this Collection

Graphic / Video
WIC Works: Anntesha and Alison's Story
Anntesha talks to her colleague Alison about how she became…
WIC Works: Joanne and Diane's Story
Joanne talks to her daughter Diane about her experience as…
WIC Works: Angelique and Rebecca's Story
Angelique talks to her friend Rebecca about raising three children…

WIC Works: Shelly and Tracy's Story
Shelly talks to her best friend Tracy about becoming a…
WIC Works: Karen and Pat's Story
Karen and Pat share the services that have helped them…
Graphic / Video
WIC Works: Cassandra and Karen's Story
Cassandra and Karen talk about the challenges that they have…

WIC Works: Diane and Bo-Yee's Story
Bo-Yee talks to Diane about getting WIC benefits after returning…
WIC Works: Meg and Jocelyn's Story
Partners Meg and Jocelyn talk about their challenges with financial…