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Recruitment Tool

East Side Health District Rx Pad

East Side Heath District created this referral pad as part of their local work on healthcare and WIC referrals during the CPHMC project. The Rx pad features the contact information and location of 3 WIC offices as well as referrals for prenatal nutrition, breastfeeding support, infant/child health, and food assistance.

With a majority of East St. Louis considered a food dessert, residents living in and immediately surrounding this city struggle to find fresh, healthy foods. Often times the only convenient places to purchase foods are at the abundance of local corner stores. Sadly, these corner stores are primarily stocked with unhealthy, highly processed foods high in added sugar, saturated fat, and sodium – all factors that place the largely African American community at an increased risk for chronic diseases. By working within the current food model, the Make Health Happen Coalition decided to partner with the local corner stores to increase both the amount and variety of healthy foods. This partnership with the corner stores resulted in store modifications including stocking the shelves with more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat milk, eggs, beans, water, and more. To promote the program, Make Health Happen signage was posted by these healthy foods throughout the stores. Additional outreach to help residents get excited about this program included conducting nutrition educations and cooking demonstrations. The Make Health Happen Coalition also developed informational resources on local food pantries, farmers’ markets, and local meal sites. Additionally, the program was promoted in many local doctors’ offices through the WIC to 5 promotional materials.

Date Added
October 6, 2017