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Hesitancy, Equity, and Transparency: Rolling out the COVID-19 Vaccine

May 6 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

How can governments, the medical community, and community and faith-based organizations reach the vulnerable groups who need the vaccine the most but face the greatest challenges to getting it?

Trust and trustworthiness are significant challenges to achieving COVID-19 vaccine equity. Policymakers, health care providers, pharmacies, and community-based organizations are working hard to build trust where there is hesitancy, confusion, and a lack of trust in information about vaccine availability, safety, and efficacy.

Common roadblocks to building trust in communities include programs and policies that do not meet people where they are in the community, do not leverage existing trusted community resources, and do not transparently share timely data.

In this web forum, our speakers will address:
• Issues related to building trust and trustworthiness between communities and those bringing vaccinations to the communities,
• Successful strategies for reaching vaccine-hesitant communities,
• How data can be used to ensure an equitable vaccine response,
• How vaccine distribution strategies have evolved as supply increases, and
• What we have learned about how to build stronger and lasting relationships between communities and public health in preparation for the next pandemic or natural disaster