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Food Access Research Atlas

Data Sampling and Sample Size: Dataset is at the regional, state and county level. The atlas has over 280 The atlas does not have individual data. Rather, it pulls together multiple aggregate-level data using Census, American Community Surveys, and other large datasets that contain factors relating to food accessibility.

Dataset Description: Database presents an overview of food access indicators for low-income and other census tracts using different measures of supermarket accessibility. It maps food access indicators for census tracts using distance demarcations to nearest supermarkets based on urban  or rural settings, as well as vehicle availability for all tracts.

WIC Measures in Dataset: Maps WIC-authorized stores by state, WIC percent participation by category, etc. Data is available at the aggregate level.

Years available and frequency of data collection: The current version of the Food Environment Atlas data file and documentation, along with six previous versions of the data and documentation, are available on the ERS website.

Sample publication using dataset: Dharmasena, Senarath, David A. Bessler, and Oral Capps Jr. “Food environment in the United States as a complex economic system.” Food Policy 61 (2016): 163-175.

Accessibility: Free and Publicly available, alongside guidance on dataset homepage about dataset usage.

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Date Added
August 31, 2023