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WIC Program: More Detailed Price and Quantity Data Could Enhance Agriculture’s Assessment of WIC Program Expenditures

To determine what effect WIC-only vendors ; growth would have on program expenditures, in the absence of recent cost-containment legislation, Congress asked Government Accountability Office the following questions: (1) What is known about WIC-only vendors ; growth and their share of the WIC market in recent years? (2) To what extent do WIC-only and regular WIC vendors differ? (3) What would WIC-only vendors ; contribution to WIC Program expenditures have been if their market share had increased? Government Accountability Office analyzed national WIC vendor data; interviewed WIC state officials about vendors ; business practices; and analyzed redemption data from California, Texas, and Florida.

Barriers to Prenatal Care for Homeless Pregnant Women

The purpose of this study was to explore and describe the barriers to prenatal care for homeless pregnant women. Based on the results, 75.61% of the respondents perceived barriers to prenatal care. Site-related factors were the most significant, followed by provider ;client relationship, inconvenience, fear, and cost.