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Accessibility and Preferred Use of Online Web Applications Among WIC Participants with Internet Access

This study addressed the need for better understanding of WIC client use of technology, the technologies clients prefer, and how technology preferences change across WIC populations in the western region states. Authors found that: Technologies should be considered for addressing WIC clients’ needs, including use of text messaging and smartphone apps for appointments, education, and other WIC services; online scheduling and nutrition education; and a stronger Facebook presence for connecting with WIC clients and breastfeeding support.

Hawaii State WIC Page

The Hawaii State WIC Page includes main contacts, State WIC profiles, and state-specific resources and links.

Comparison of Manual and Electric Breast Pumps Among WIC Women Returning to Work or School in Hawaii

The aim of this study was to find out whether an electric breast pump (versus a manual pump) would increase breastfeeding duration among mothers who were returning to work or school full time. The authors concluded that both the manual and electric breast pumps may improve breastfeeding duration, as long as breastfeeding is encouraged and supported when women return to work or school full time.

Breastfeeding Patterns in a Community of Native Hawaiian Mothers Participating in WIC

The study aimed to understand the disparity in the breastfeeding initiation rates among Native Hawaiian (64%) and Hawaiian WIC participants (89%). The results indicated that mothers exclusively breastfeeding at initiation weaned significantly later and were significantly more likely to breastfeed for 6 months, than were mothers who partially breastfed.