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WIC Participation and Breastfeeding Among White and Black Mothers: Data from Mississippi

This study investigated the association between WIC participation and breastfeeding behaviors among white and black women in Mississippi. analysis of data from the 2004;2008 Mississippi Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System revealed that 52.2 % of white women and 82.1 % of black women participated in WIC. A total of 60.4 % of white women and 39.7 % of black women initiated breastfeeding, and 26.5 % and 21.9 %, respectively, were breastfeeding at 10 weeks postpartum. WIC participation was negatively associated with breastfeeding initiation among whites, but not blacks.

Evaluation of a Comprehensive Loving Support Program among State Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program Breastfeeding Coordinators

Mississippi was selected as a pilot state in the national breastfeeding promotion campaign titled Loving Support Makes Breastfeeding Work; To reinforce the national project, the Mississippi WIC Breastfeeding Promotion Project Team developed a comprehensive program that included patient and family education, staff training, public awareness activities, health professional outreach, and partnership with the community. WIC staff cited staff training, community outreach, and peer counseling as the most beneficial activities.

Improving Breastfeeding Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of WIC Clinic Staff

This study assessed the impact of a breastfeeding promotion project, which combined physical improvements of the clinic and staff training, implemented by the state of Mississippi. Results showed that the project improved the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, confidence, and practice of staff in the intervention clinics.