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Healthy Giving for Healthy Living

By Clinton County Health Department

Clinton County Health Dept. created this poster to highlight their local work with local food pantries during the CPHMC project. This poster was presented at NWA’s Annual Conference in April 2017.

Food environment and food access have been identified as public health concerns in Clinton County, NY. Collaborative efforts to address these issues have been organized. However, WIC has found it challenging to participate due to their program obligations. Clinton County used the CPHMC opportunity to integrate WIC into community level health planning and action by offering assistance to a number of existing efforts, while also taking the lead in new food pantry initiatives. In doing so, WIC is now a contributing partner in local health improvement. The Clinton County Health Department (CCHD) sought to improve access to environments where healthy foods and beverages are available to residents. Due to the prominent role township food pantries play in the local food environment, this project aimed to increase the inventory of healthy foods within the local food pantries. To do so, CCHD developed a full evaluation plan that included a baseline assessment of: pantry inventory nutrition quality, environmental potential for change within food pantries and food pantry client perspective. From this data, project staff designed three “nudges,” or subtle environmental changes, to implement in three food pantry locations intended to increase demand for healthier items among pantry clients. Simultaneously, to increase inventory of healthy foods in local pantries, project staff are implementing a community awareness campaign focused on changing donation behaviors by highlighting foods of high nutritional quality that can be easily donated.

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Date Added
December 5, 2017

Clinton County Health Department (2017) Healthy Giving for Healthy Living. Available online: https://thewichub.sfo2.digitaloceanspaces.com/2017/12/Clinton-County-Poster-Final.pdf