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National Survey of Children’s Health (NSCH)

Data Sampling and Sample Size: NSCH is a random sampling of 300,000 households, and is a repeated cross-sectional survey. It is a repeated cross-sectional survey. Latest year available (2021) had 62,000 responses.  The survey oversamples infants and children up to the age of 5 and those with special healthcare needs. To represent the noninstitutionalized children aged 0-17 population, survey data are weighted. If there are multiple children in the household, one child is randomly selected.

Dataset Description: The NSCH survey is an annual survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. It provides national and state-level estimates on the physical and emotional health of children aged 0-17 in the United States. The survey also provides national outcomes and measures for each state’s Title V needs assessment for the Title V Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant.

WIC Measures in Dataset: WIC participation in the past 12 months is available.

Years available and frequency of data collection: Data from each year is available online as of 2016 up until 2021. In the Explore the Data tab, data from their surveys are formatted in a variety of methods that allow one to compare certain social determinants of health across states and age groups. Data is categorized in groups of two years.

Sample publication using dataset: Cprek, S. E., Williams, C. M., Asaolu, I., Alexander, L. A., & Vanderpool, R. C. (2015). Three positive parenting practices and their correlation with risk of childhood developmental, social, or behavioral delays: An analysis of the National Survey of Children’s Health. Maternal and child health journal, 19, 2403-2411.https://doi.org/10.1111/jphd.12487

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August 31, 2023