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NWA Research Needs Assessment

By National WIC Association

The goal of the biennial Research Needs Assessment is to identify research areas that support NWA and WIC programs nationwide to (1) be responsive to emerging issues and (2) continue to explore, demonstrate and integrate evidence-based practices that improve the health and well-being of low-income families. The NWA Evaluation Committee has prioritized six research areas, including long-standing questions related to the health outcomes associated with WIC participation as well as those related to better understanding, and subsequently addressing, the shifting patterns of WIC participation. Newly identified areas of research include an expanded view of the economic impact of WIC, the impact of potential changes to the WIC food packages, aligning policies and procedures for systems-level innovation and understanding how WIC participants use technology.

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Date Added
May 3, 2019

National WIC Association (2018) Research Needs Assessment. Washington, DC.  Accessible online:  https://www.nwica.org/RNA-2018. Available online: https://www.nwica.org/RNA