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From Paper to Plastic: Understanding the Impact of EBT on WIC Recipient Behavior

In this paper, authors analyze the impact the transition to WIC EBT has on enrollment, WIC benefits redemption, and non-WIC food expenditures using enrollment data for five states, and expenditure data for 17,714 households enrolled in WIC. Authors found no evidence that EBT increases the chance that eligible people enroll in the WIC program.

Arkansas WIC Vendor Training 2018

An Arkansas Department of Health WIC publication that outlines policies and procedures for selling WIC approved foods to participants in Arkansas.

Wisconsin Shopping for WIC Foods Presentation

A Wisconsin WIC Program publication for participants on using Electronic Benefit Transfers (EBT) for purchasing WIC approved foods as well as a description of approved WIC foods in Wisconsin.

Best Practices for Implementing Green Rx Pads

NWA hosted a Green RX webinar with expert speakers, Skye Cornell from Wholesome Wave, and Ellie Fausold from DC Greens who spoke on best practices for implementing Green Rx initiatives […]

Messaging Through Videos Presentation

NWA created this presentation to provide support for work on creating videos as part of the CPHMC project. This presentation shared how good visual storytelling can support your community health […]