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NWA Community Needs Assessment Checklist

NWA received a 3-year cooperative agreement from the CDC’s Division of Community Health to fund 30 local WIC agencies in select target states to work with community partners to build and enhance community partnerships, perform community needs assessments, and develop and implement strategies to achieve community health goals. As part of this initiative, NWA created this checklist to assist with local needs assessments.

NWA Community Action Plan (CAP) Guidance

NWA created this training resource after reviewing the CAPs submitted by agencies in Cohort 2. This resource provided a list of promising best practices that were identified through the work […]

Wood County WIC at a Glance Training

Wood County created this WIC 101 Training to highlight their local work on WIC referrals. This presentation included basic information about WIC including staff, eligibility, the four pillars of WIC, […]

Loudoun County’s “It’s Water Time!” Program

Loudoun County created this toolkit to highlight their local work on water consumption in preschool and elementary school classrooms as part of the CPHMC project. The “It’s Water Time!” water […]

Loudoun County Business Case for Breastfeeding

Loudoun County created this business case as part of their local work on breastfeeding during the CPHMC project. This document outlines the lactation support program for both employees and employers. […]