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Talking about WIC with Prospective Participants

When speaking to a potential WIC participant, make sure to keep the following in mind.

  • WIC provides healthy food, nutrition education, and breastfeeding guidance to more than 7 million moms and children. If you’re pregnant, a caregiver, or a mom with children under five, you can get the right support for you and your family.
  • WIC gives moms (and caregivers, foster parents, etc.) the information, tools, and support to be the caregiver they want to be.
  • WIC is simply here to back them up.
  • Messages reminding potential participants of the benefits they will receive with WIC and how long they can receive benefits (i.e., that mothers who exclusively breastfeed receive an enhanced food package)
  • Messages about the long-term health benefits of WIC for the mother and/or child.
  • Messages about WIC staff and their knowledge on nutrition, breastfeeding, etc.
  • Those who currently receive Medicaid or SNAP benefits automatically qualify for WIC. You can find your nearest WIC clinic by going to signupwic.com.

You can also tailor the WIC basic messages, elevator pitch, and messaging pillars when speaking to this audience.