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Talking about WIC with WIC Participants

WIC participants are more than just moms. Foster parents, grandparents, fathers, and partners play a role in WIC participation, and they too can receive WIC services if they have a child in WIC.


Caregivers who are not moms

We know how much you do to provide for the needs of your child. That’s why we’re here to help you too.

  • We help everyone who cares for infants and children—including you.
  • Many WIC centers host group sessions with other WIC caregivers where you can get support and learn about solutions for your parenting, nutrition, and lifestyle concerns.
  • We make sure your child has access to nutritious food. We’ll guide you to make sure you know how to shop for, prepare, and incorporate it into your family’s lifestyle.


Mom’s partner

You know how tough moms have it. Luckily she has you to help. With the nutritious food and helpful resources that WIC provides, you can do your part to help your family develop and maintain healthy eating habits.

  • For some women, breastfeeding just comes naturally. For others, it does not. Our lactation consultants are there to help her through it. Your job is to support her, encourage her, and remind her of the amazing job she’s doing.
  • Sometimes the best thing you can provide for a new mom is an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on. Should she need additional counseling or support, encourage her to attend one of our peer counseling and support groups where moms share advice and learn from one another.
  • You can take steps to incorporate healthy meals into your family’s life. We’ll make sure you know how to use the nutritious food we provide to prepare meals your family will love.
  • Through WIC, your child gets a free check-up with a nutritionist every six months. Take over house duties for the day, make a library or a play date, or do whatever else you need to do that day to make sure your partner and child can make their WIC appointment.



Were so happy that you are participating in WIC and hope that you have used the healthy food, nutrition education, and breastfeeding guidance that we offer.

  • Remind moms how long they can stay on WIC.
  • Remind moms how long their children can stay on WIC.
  • Educate them about EBT/eWIC cards or any shopping apps or tools that can make their shopping experience better.
  • Encourage them to utilize all the resources you offer in your clinic (i.e., classes, educational materials, online resources, recipes, personalized nutrition counseling, immunization services, incentive items received)