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Alabama Grocer Testimonial 2018

“When asked to give a testimonial to the effect WIC has had on our business, I began to think of how the program has a two-fold effect on our stores. I first thought, where would we be WITHOUT WIC? That is a pretty depressing thought, as I see (and hear) time and again, parents of small children in the checkout lane, getting their WIC vouchers filled. And not to be judgmental, I think to myself, how would they get by without WIC for their formula or milk? I have actually interviewed some customers which are WIC participants, and they don’t mind telling you how much they depend on WIC. We have many single income families and single parent families in our area, this program is a life saver to them. As far as the effect on our business, we really appreciate the sales we get from the program, yes, seems there are constant changes, but that is part of it. Some of our stores are in county seats or near the local health department, those stores accept more vouchers than others. Getting the WIC customer into the store, taking care of their needs, always leads to additional sales, and we are grateful to that point. We have also developed a great relationship with the coordinator for WIC in the county health department, as well as the one we have with the State level, I have learned that help is only a phone call away. In closing, I would like to say how much I personally appreciate this program, the nutritional training the participants receive seems to be helping raise a generation of healthier Alabamians. Many thanks to all involved.” — WIC Grocer, Alabama

Date Added: March 26, 2018