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Alabama Participant Testimonial 2018

“Having access to WIC has been an amazing blessing to our family! When my husband and I first found out we were having triplets, our minds began to race and wonder about how we would afford formula and other nutritional items for the babies. I did not qualify for WIC while I was pregnant because we were over income qualifications. The babies were born at 26 weeks, one weighing 1#, 8 oz. and two weighing 1#, 5 oz. each. I breastfed the 3.5 months they were hospitalized. Once they were discharged from the hospital, the babies transitioned to special formula with extra calories. Our family was able to apply for WIC since the babies were on Medicaid due to being micro-preemies (weighing less than 1# 12 oz. at birth). Thanks to WIC we were able to receive formula. This was a big help to us financially since I was no longer able to work and formula is expensive especially for three babies. The nutrition education that I have received from WIC has helped my husband and I know that we are giving our babies the best start in life.” — WIC Participant, Alabama

Date Added: March 26, 2018