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Hawaii Participant Testimonial 2017

“Before my first child I was unsure about breastfeeding because nobody in my family had breastfed. In doing my research, I learned it was the best for my girls. My experience on the WIC Program with my daughter was an absolute breeze. She was a natural at breastfeeding. My second was completely different. It took months for her to become “a natural” at it. My second daughter had a tough time with latch in the beginning and it would cause so much pain. I would see different lactation consultants at WIC and push through. She finally caught it and it became so much easier. I absolutely love breastfeeding now. We’re 15 months and going strong. It was so much easier to exclusively nurse than to bottle feed. My supply was more established and I didn’t have to worry about extra dishes and time. It is such a bonding experience that I’m so grateful for.” — WIC Participant, Hawaii

Date Added: March 22, 2018