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Idaho Participant Testimonial 2017

“When our third child was born, he measured completely average in every way. However, he struggled to maintain his weight, and failed to gain over the following weeks. I was so frightened, worried, and confused! The ladies at the WIC office again became my supporting angels. They had me coming in regularly for frequent weight checks and counseling. The director even called me at home to check on him! When the decision was made with our pediatrician to supplement breastfeeding with the expensive prescription formula, WIC stepped up again to facilitate. I was so worried and broken-hearted, but their concern and comfort really made a difference, and having them arrange delivery of the formula was blessing for my extremely distracted mind! Now, our little boy is almost 5 and will be graduating from the WIC program soon. I will miss celebrating his growth milestones with our team of “WIC Angels”. Obviously, I am grateful for the WIC program. There is little I could suggest to improve it.” — WIC Participant, Idaho

Date Added: March 22, 2018