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Maine Participant Testimonial 2017

“A staff member had the family in August for their daughter’s 9 month height/weight/and hemoglobin check. Results showed her iron was 6.6! I was reading her notes and she did check twice just to make sure it was not a false reading. The second results showed 6.4. The staff member did nutrition counseling with the family and sent the results over to the health care provider. I was able to meet with the family today and follow up. After their August WIC appointment, the family went straight to their daughter’s doctors. She was put on iron supplementation and within one week the parents noticed her skin tone changed, she was not sleeping as much, she started to crawl, and even had 4 teeth come in. Coincidence or not, the family was so thankful their daughters iron was checked and provided the information. Her iron has since increased to 12.6 and she is growing stronger daily! The family was very appreciative, a great way to end a Tuesday clinic!” — WIC Participant, Maine

Date Added: March 22, 2018