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Maine Participant Testimonials 2018

“How kind they are. I can talk about anything and ask all my questions and I feel very supported.” — WIC Participant, Maine

“The staff is amazing and answers any questions you have.” — WIC Participant, Maine

“My second daughter has many allergies and needed a special formula that was expensive. Having WIC help me with that was a huge help.” — WIC Participant, Maine

“When my youngest was on formula, WIC was a huge help, and they didn’t pass any judgment when I was unable to continue breastfeeding. However, I’d have to say that I love the newly added fresh/frozen/canned fruits and vegetables option that WIC now offers. It allows the flexibility of buying specifically what YOUR child needs and likes, while still providing proper nutrition and helping those families in need.” — WIC Participant, Maine

Date Added: March 27, 2018