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Montana Participant Testimonial 2017

“I started the WIC program when my husband and I got pregnant with our daughter in the spring of 2007. During that time, I was also in my senior year at the University of Montana. We were both working but still living paycheck-to-paycheck. WIC was so helpful, with the monthly nutrition supplementation and nutrition information I was able to learn, during my pregnancy and through my child’s first years of life. By the time I delivered my darling daughter in the late fall of 2007, I had obtained full-time work in a field that my degree was in and was still within the WIC income guidelines. All of the breastfeeding support during this time was crucial to my success of nursing my daughter until well after her first birthday. I was even able to get an electric breast pump, which I used every day as a full-time working mom. When my daughter was three, we were finally making enough money that we were not eligible for the WIC program. At the start of this summer, however, surprisingly my husband lost his job that he had been doing for two years. So, we again qualify for the WIC program. Although she will be five in November, I feel like we’ve learned so much about nutrition over the years and the supplement food every month and the additional farmers’ market coupons in the summer are an important component to our household.” — WIC Participant, Montana

Date Added: March 22, 2018