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Nebraska Participant Testimonials 2017

“To me and my family, WIC is a wonderful resource that ensures my children are both developmentally and nutritionally adequate / appropriate for their given ages. WIC has made a difference in my life through coaching me on required immunization schedules, and ensuring adequate nutrition. WIC helps with the groceries and ensures my kids are on track developmentally. If WIC were not around, I would not have this valuable resource. And there would be NO ONE to answer my questions as I go along.” — WIC Participant, Nebraska

“WIC has meant a lot to me and my family. It has supplied a lot of information and help with our child. WIC has made a difference because we know more about where our child should be a developmental-wise and also how to be healthier. If WIC were not around, I would be losing a great resource and educational tool. Also the great benefits of getting assistance affording healthy food.” — WIC Participant, Nebraska

“WIC has enabled me to feed my child when I would not have been able to. It makes a large difference with my grocery budget. Being able to offer my child fresh vegetables and fresh eggs as well as lactose free milk. As a single mother with no child support I rely on WIC. Without WIC, my grocery budget would be drastically cut and I wouldn’t be able to offer the variety of food I do now.” — WIC Participant, Nebraska

“To our family, WIC has been a way to provide for ourselves and our daughter. WIC has made a difference by providing services to our daughter and helping her grow up healthier. Without WIC, we would not have the resources we need for our daughter.” — WIC Participant, Nebraska

Date Added: March 22, 2018