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New Hampshire Participant Testimonial 2017

“When I was placed with a premature, drug exposed, 1 week old infant, I called my local WIC clinic and was given an appointment immediately. My nutritionist helped me get in contact with a doctor to help determine which formula would be most beneficial for my foster baby’s growth needs. My nutritionist helped me complete the paperwork and get the formula. WIC tracked her weight regularly and also helped me feel good about her weight gain and that I was helping her the best I could. As her weight gain progressed the WIC nutritionist made recommendations to go back to the doctor. The doctor was so pleased with her growth that she was taken off the higher calorie formula and placed on a standard WIC formula for the rest of her infancy. I am so grateful for their knowledge and for their help!”  — WIC Participant, New Hampshire

Date Added: March 23, 2018