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Virginia Grocer Testimonial 2018

“As a retailer, WIC is an asset to our business because it is a valuable resource for our customers, and customers are our top priority. Many of our stores are in rural areas where programs like WIC are crucial to help families supplement their food budget with healthy items. As a Retail RD in our Healthy Initiatives department, I see this aspect of the program as a huge positive as it allows us to compliment WIC educational initiatives with our own in-store and community health and nutrition programming. We are also able to promote our loyalty clubs, store brands, and programs, such as our 5 for 5 program in the Produce department, as additional resources for our WIC customers, which helps us to better meet their needs so that they will, hopefully, continue shopping with us in the future.” — WIC Grocer, Virginia

Date Added: March 27, 2018