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June 15, 2021



Toolkit for Assessing WIC Certification Practices

By Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

An online toolkit is available to help state and local WIC agencies to assess their certification practices to make it easier for families to apply for WIC and to continue receiving services for as long as they are eligible. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities compiled ideas and examples gathered from WIC agencies across the country into an online toolkit for “Assessing Your WIC Certification Practices.” The toolkit has seven topic areas, each with a set of questions, descriptions of approaches, and examples. While this is clearly not a comprehensive source of all certification practices, the toolkit aims to share ideas and innovations related to certification, coordination, and outreach. WIC agencies are encouraged to submit additional examples of certification practices and tools using a contact form available in the toolkit. New examples will be added to the toolkit and as they become available.

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Date Added
June 21, 2021