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February 7, 2023



Where Do I Go from Here Answers to Your Kids’ Most Common Feeding and Eating Challenges

By Lindsey Miller, Lauren Dawson, Megan Lott

Reluctance to eat new foods and other picky eating habits are common during toddlerhood and the preschool years. This can be a big source of stress for parents, as we are always worrying about whether our kids are eating enough and growing appropriately. This resource offers science-based recommendations that can help your child create healthy eating habits when facing common eating and feeding challenges. Several feeding and eating challenges are addressed in this resource, and specific tips are given for addressing each challenge. Some challenges covered include amount eaten (too much and too little), pace at which the child eats (too fast or too slow), specific behaviors during meal time (sitting at the table to eat or putting down the screen while eating), and different aspects of eating and feeding that children may reject (texture of food or a food they have never tried before). This resource also includes evidence-based tips for encouraging trying new foods on a budget and involving children in ways that will inspire them to eat healthy.

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February 7, 2023