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Community Coalitions

WIC Health Care Partnerships

Health Care partnerships are vital for WIC as they enable the delivery of integrated care, preventive practices, and personalized nutrition services. These partnerships facilitate enrollment, enhance health care access and […]

Creating Community Coalitions

This webinar covered the importance of WIC’s role in community coalitions, how to form a community coalition, and best practices from WIC agencies involved in coalitions. Presenters: Judy Fowler, Tri-County […]

Best Practices for Implementing Green Rx Pads

NWA hosted a Green RX webinar with expert speakers, Skye Cornell from Wholesome Wave, and Ellie Fausold from DC Greens who spoke on best practices for implementing Green Rx initiatives […]

CPHMC Presentation: Cohort #1 Best Practices

NWA created this presentation to provide guidance on best practices learned from Cohort #1 of the CPHMC project. This slideshow included best practices and resources on the following subjects: Process […]

NWA Coalition Building Toolkit

NWA created this toolkit to provide guidance on the coalition requirement of the CPHMC project.¬†As part of the Community Partnerships for Healthy Mothers and Children project, each sub-recipient agency was […]

TVCCA Breastfeeding Friendly Worksite Toolkit

Thames Valley created this toolkit to highlight their local work on promoting breastfeeding friendly worksites as part of the CPHMC project. This toolkit defines a breastfeeding friendly worksite, outlines benefits […]

Tri-County WIC Rx Pad

Tri-County created this non-pharmaceutical prescription pad to highlight their local work on community clinical linkages and WIC referrals as part of the CPHMC project. Tri-County Health Department (TCHD) serves 3 […]