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WIC Health Care Partnerships

By National WIC Association

Health Care partnerships are vital for WIC as they enable the delivery of integrated care, preventive practices, and personalized nutrition services. These partnerships facilitate enrollment, enhance health care access and improve health outcomes for families. By working together, WIC and healthcare providers promote holistic well-being, leading to better infant and maternal health and the nurturing of healthier families.

In this video, we discover how WIC fits within the health care delivery system, emphasizing the importance of prevention over treatment. Learn how WIC reduces infant and maternal mortality through nutrition counseling, prenatal support and the benefits of WIC integration in primary care. Witness the profound impact of sustained WIC support for postnatal mothers and explore the significance of data sharing for program effectiveness. Join us on this transformative health care journey as we foster healthier communities through partnerships with health care providers.

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Date Added
June 21, 2023