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Community Clinical Linkages

Maternal Characteristics Associated with Vaccination of Young Children

The authors analyzed maternal characteristics associated with vaccination in US preschool children. Results showed that factors most strongly associated with undervaccination included mothers who were black; had less than a high school education; were divorced, separated, or widowed; had multiple children; were eligible for WIC, but not participating; or had incomes below 50% of the federal poverty level.

Caries Prevalence of Children in an Infant Oral Health Educational Program at a WIC Clinic

The study compared the prevalence of caries between children whose parents had previously participated in an infant oral health education program at a WIC clinic with those whose parents had not participated in such a program. The study results showed that parents ; previous WIC education program participation was highly associated with lower carious lesions. The research indicated that WIC could have a positive impact on caries prevention.

Improving the Health of Infants on Medicaid by Collocating Special Supplemental Nutrition Clinics With Managed Care Provider Sites

The study objective was to determine whether collocation of WIC clinics at managed care provider sites improved healthcare for infants enrolled in Medicaid and WIC. The findings revealed that compared with other infants, those who visited collocated WIC sites were either closer to their age-appropriate weight or had higher immunization rates when recertified by WIC staff after their first birthday.

WIC and Nurse-Family Partnership Working Together

Learn how WIC and Nurse-Family Partnership can work together to better support our communities. Learn about Nurse-Family Partnership services and how they can complement your services. Presenter: Jane Pray, Nurse-Family Partnership

Engaging Community Partners

This webinar shared strategies to find partners for WIC, how to engage with them, who to partner with, and more. Presenters: Jessica Leyendecker, Texas WIC; Melanie Smith, Texas WIC

Messaging Through Videos Presentation

NWA created this presentation to provide support for work on creating videos as part of the CPHMC project. This presentation shared how good visual storytelling can support your community health […]