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Infant Mortality

The Role of WIC in Reducing Infant Mortality

Provides many statistics in these areas: WIC helps reduce risk factors for infant mortality WIC’s role in prenatal and postnatal care Improving birth outcomes reduces healthcare costs  

2020 WIC Policy Priorities

NWA’S 2020 WIC Policy Priorities: Fully fund WIC in FY 2020 and provide food-cost flexibility Invest in the Contingency Fund to ensure continued WIC operations Expand the WIC Breastfeeding Peer […]

The Impact of Prenatal WIC Participation on Infant Mortality and Racial Disparities

This study assessed the impact of WIC services on improving birth outcomes and reducing racial disparities. Results showed that the infant mortality rate (IMR) was lower for WIC participants than for non-WIC participants. For African Americans, the IMR of WIC participants was much lower than that of non-WIC participants. For whites, IMR and preterm birth rates were not improved by WIC participation.

Childhood Morbidities Among Income- and Categorically Eligible WIC Program Participants and Non-Participants

This research explored the associations between childhood morbidities among income-eligible and categorically eligible WIC participant and non-WIC participant groups in a diverse, nationally representative sample of children. According to the results, no significant differences were noted between child WIC participants and non-WIC participants in the following areas: asthma, respiratory illness, severe gastrointestinal illness, or ear infection diagnosis.