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WIC 101

What Is The National WIC Association?

The National WIC Association (NWA) is the go-to voice of and for WIC leaders at the nation’s more than 12,000 WIC locations across the country. We provide member-driven advocacy; educate, […]

Creating Community Coalitions

This webinar covered the importance of WIC’s role in community coalitions, how to form a community coalition, and best practices from WIC agencies involved in coalitions. Presenters: Judy Fowler, Tri-County […]

Why Does WIC Need to be Engaged on Social Media?

Did you know the internet is the top source of breastfeeding information for moms? This webinar included a discussion about social media, how moms engage online, and the importance of […]

WIC and Nurse-Family Partnership Working Together

Learn how WIC and Nurse-Family Partnership can work together to better support our communities. Learn about Nurse-Family Partnership services and how they can complement your services. Presenter: Jane Pray, Nurse-Family Partnership

Engaging Community Partners

This webinar shared strategies to find partners for WIC, how to engage with them, who to partner with, and more. Presenters: Jessica Leyendecker, Texas WIC; Melanie Smith, Texas WIC

The Role of Nutrition in Infant Mortality

While progress has been made in reducing infant mortality in the United States, it remains too high, especially for certain families. This session summarized the impact of nutrition on infant […]

Free Media Outreach

News media outlets reach thousands, sometimes millions of people a day. Businesses featured in news stories often get boosts in sales or interest without spending any advertising dollars. WIC offices […]

WIC Improving Health for Infants & Young Children

The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) is our country’s premier public health nutrition program. In recent years, WIC caseload has been declining and fewer eligible […]