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CCI Resource Navigator Manual

By CCI Health & Wellness Services

CCI created this resource navigator training manual as part of their local work to strengthen referral networks during the CPHMC project. CCI focused on getting their WIC population to utilize services/resources that can prevent chronic disease by having the Resource Navigator become a bridge between WIC and CCI-Medical and Dental.

There are many factors that contribute to Montgomery County’s high quality of life; however, pockets of poverty within the county are found to have poorer health outcomes. These areas tend to have a low per capita income, are predominately minority, have high rates of uninsured individuals and a large majority of individuals who receive SNAP or Medicaid benefits. Many families may receive referrals, but do not have the self-efficacy to follow through. Other families may not choose to access primary care services due to other competing priorities. To address these issues the Healthy Jumpstart Coalition was formed to engage in community improvements. The Healthy Jumpstart coalition enables WIC participants to access services within the organization and throughout the community. The resource navigator is the link that assists families in accessing preventative services. The resource navigator facilitates the “warm handoff” technique to assist families in creating appointments with primary care physicians and encouraging them to attend their appointments. Currently there are resource navigators available at 3 CCI-WIC centers.

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Date Added
December 7, 2017

CCI Health & Wellness Services (2016) Resource Navigator Manual. Available online: https://thewichub.sfo2.digitaloceanspaces.com/2017/12/Resource-Navigator-Manual-8.pdf