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Geography: Ohio

Ohio State WIC Page

The Ohio State WIC Page includes main contacts, State WIC profiles, and state-specific resources and links.

Ohio WIC Formulas

An official list of approved WIC formulas from the Ohio Dept. of Health – Bureau of Nutrition Services.

Ohio WIC Retail Vendor Opeartions

An Ohio Dept. of Health – Bureau of Nutrition Services resource that outlines policies and procedures for selling WIC approved foods to participants in Ohio.

Needs Assessment and Intervention Strategies to Reduce Lead-Poisoning Risk Among Low-Income Ohio Toddlers

The objective of this study was to examine parental receipt of lead-poisoning prevention information and the preferred methods of receiving this information. The author concluded that more minority respondents preferred receiving information via videos, billboards, and home visits. Younger parents preferred reading brochures, seeing billboards, and speaking with someone at the health department or WIC.

Breastfeeding Among High-Risk Inner-City African-American Mothers: A Risky Choice?

This study investigated barriers to breastfeeding faced by inner-city African-American women. The following themes emerged from focus groups: low self-esteem, low self-efficacy, fear of social isolation, formula as a cultural norm, worries about breastfeeding in public, challenging family relationships, negative postpartum hospital experiences, and lack of support after going home.

What Do Pregnant Low-Income Women Say About Breastfeeding?

The purpose of this study was to understand the reasons for low rates of breastfeeding and the maternal selection of infant-feeding methods in African-American mothers. Results indicated that mothers wanted to breastfeed for maternal reasons, for infant-related reasons, and because others advised them to breastfeed. Mothers did not want to breastfeed for lifestyle reasons, pain-related reasons, lactation process issues, and hypothetical medical reasons.