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February 7, 2023



Healthy Drinks, Healthy Kids Toolkit for Providers

By Kirsten Arm, Lauren Dawson, Megan Lott

This resource is a toolkit intended to support providers who work with children five and under in learning about the Healthy Eating Research (HER) Consensus Beverage Recommendations and in sharing these recommendations with their patients and colleagues. This toolkit includes the following: 1) core language of the recommendations; 2) talking points to support providers in discussing these recommendations with parents and caregivers; 3) common questions that parents and caregivers might have about beverage recommendations and answers to these questions; 4) a library of downloadable resources that providers can share with patients and colleagues (handouts, infographics, educational webinars, and videos); and 5) website language and accessibility text that providers can include with the social media graphics. This toolkit and all other resources are available here.

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Date Added
February 7, 2023