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Massachusetts WIC Online Preapplication

By Massachusetts WIC Program

MA WIC Online Preapplicaton

Massachusetts WIC has an Apply for WIC Online pre-application for applicants to submit contact information, preferred language, preferred method of contact, best time to contact applicant, and how the applicant heard about WIC. An application called Formstack is utilized to collect the online application data, which is then consumed by Massachusetts’ WIC MIS System (Eos). Applications are assigned to the local program that services the applicant’s catchment area based on zip code. Local program staff members access the applicant’s application in Eos and initiate contact within one to two days of receiving the application.

On average,1,500 applications are received from applicants each month. Upon contact with the applicant, the data provided on the online application is imported into MA WIC MIS System (Eos) Certification area to streamline required data entry and initiate WIC enrollment.

Massachusetts WIC’s outreach materials, marketing campaigns, and social media platforms drive applicants directly to Apply for WIC Online.

For more information, contact Rachel Colchamiro at rachel.colchamiro@mass.gov.

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Date Added
June 9, 2021