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New Jersey WIC Participant Portal

By New Jersey WIC Program

The New Jersey WIC Participant Portal allows new applicants and ongoing participants to communicate virtually with WIC clinic staff. New applicants can check eligibility, enter information, and securely upload documents. Once registered, the family can:

  • Enter participant names, birthdates, address, and contact information
  • Search for the nearest clinic
  • Upload the necessary documents for certification

This information is automatically sent to the chosen clinic and received by a staff member who will follow up shortly. This helps to streamline the certification process by having information entered and available for staff by the first point of contact. The Participant Portal can also be used by existing WIC participants to view their next appointment and to update their information or documents for the upcoming WIC appointment. Some clinics receive upwards of 100 inquires in a month.

For more information, contact the New Jersey State WIC Nutrition Team at: NJWICNutrition@doh.nj.gov or call 609-292-9560

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Date Added
June 9, 2021