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Oregon WIC Online Pre-screening and Interest Form

By Oregon WIC Program

Oregon WIC’s website connects potential applicants to the USDA Food and Nutrition Service WIC Pre-screening tool. Its website also includes an online WIC Interest Form for applicants to submit demographic information and a request for a WIC clinic in their area to contact them. Once an applicant submits a request, a staff member at the state office determines which service area they live in and forwards the information to the appropriate local agency staff. On average, about 100 WIC Interest Forms are received from applicants each month through the state’s interest form. Five local agencies have their own forms with links to these found on the Oregon State WIC’s website. These forms go directly to the local agency. An early evaluation of the online forms indicated about 35% of the referral forms result in a scheduled appointment for WIC services.

For more information, contact robin.l.moulton@dhsoha.state.or.us

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Date Added
June 9, 2021