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PHFE WIC: Text for Appointments

By PHFE WIC, Los Angeles, CA

PHFE WIC Apply and Appointment Text Message Samples
PHFE WIC, located in Los Angeles, CA, uses Teletask interactive texting software for two-way communication with participants to facilitate appointment scheduling. Participants that miss appointments receive a text message offering a selection of available appointment days to reschedule. The participants can request their preferred date by replying with a single-digit response. An automated text response then asks if they prefer a morning or afternoon appointment on that date. WIC staff schedule the appointment and text the confirmed date and time.

Participants can also schedule a weekend appointment by texting a keyword advertised on the PHFE WIC website. For example, the keyword to schedule an appointment on Saturday, June 12 might be “APPT12”. WIC staff schedule an appointment on the date associated with the keyword and confirm the appointment date and time via text message back to the participant. Staff monitor incoming texts and confirm the appointment date and time via text.

For more information, please contact Kelly Bennett at kellyv@phfewic.org and Denise Gee at denise@phfewic.org.

Date Added
June 13, 2021