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The Farmers’ Market Effect

Westbay presented this poster at NWA’s Annual Conference in April 2017. As part of the CPHMC project, their coalition worked to promote healthy eating and chronic disease prevention through pop-up farmers’ markets.

Westbay Community Action serves the West Warwick area of Kent County, located in central Rhode Island, with a population of 29,191 (Census, 2010). In Kent County, the number of estimated individuals that are food insecure is 20,020. Many lack access to healthy food and beverage options – West Warwick has few grocery stores and a high prevalence of corner stores. Public transportation is limited. One farmers market exists, but its location far from a bus route and expensive produce make it unreasonable for most. Without healthy options available, it becomes increasingly difficult to make healthy choices, resulting in chronic disease and obesity. This project sought to address the high rates of food insecurity, chronic disease, and obesity in West Warwick by improving access to environments of healthy food and beverage options. By establishing additional farmers market locations that accept WIC checks, SNAP, and senior vouchers, they were able to provide healthier food and beverage choices to West Warwick residents.

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Date Added
December 5, 2017