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West Virginia WIC Online Screener and Application

By West Virginia WIC Program

WV WIC Online Screener and Preapplication

West Virginia WIC has an online screening and application process that collects demographic and health information from applicants. State WIC staff review the applications to determine if the applicant already has a record in the WIC information system before forwarding the application to a local agency for follow-up. Helpdesk staff check for online applicants 2-3 times per day and forward these applications to the clinics. The clinic then contacts the applicant to schedule their certification appointment. When no record exists, the data from the application can be used to automatically populate a new record in the WIC information system.

On average, approx. 140 applications are received from applicants each month. Seventy-one percent of applicants submitting applications are eligible and have become enrolled.

For more information, contact Sara Smith or Robin Anderson at dhhrwichd@wv.gov

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Date Added
June 9, 2021