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June 21, 2023



WIC Retail Partnerships

By National WIC Association

Retail partnerships play a crucial role in making WIC effective and accessible. By collaborating with vendors, WIC expands its reach, ensuring that participants have convenient access to a wide range of nutritious food options. These partnerships address the challenges vendors face in accepting the WIC food package, streamlining the process through technological advancements like Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT). Beyond convenience, retail partnerships have far-reaching benefits, including increased foot traffic, customer loyalty, and the opportunity to promote healthy eating habits within the community. By fostering strong relationships with vendors, WIC enhances its ability to empower individuals and families, creating healthier communities one partnership at a time.

Learn what challenges vendors face in accepting the WIC food package and how the transition to EBT has streamlined the process. Discover the benefits of their partnership with the WIC program, fostering community relationships and improving access to nutritious food options for WIC participants.

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Date Added
June 21, 2023