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Angelina County Healthy Food Referral Pad

Angelina County & Cities Health Department created this referral pad as part of their local work promoting healthy food choices. The pad was created in coordination with their “Choose Fresh” campaign and the 5 – 3 – 0 guidelines to eat 5 or more servings of fruits & veggies daily, eat 3 square meals a day, and to consume 0 sugar-sweetened beverages each day.

Angelina is a rural, but more specifically, “frontier” county located in the Pineywoods of Deep East Texas. It is comprised of six small cities, with seven or fewer people per square mile. Living in remote areas often poses several challenges such as traveling long distances to acquire goods and services. Along with barriers in access, socioeconomic conditions also pose a challenge to the average family, with children being the most affected, over 30 percent living in poverty. The Angelina County & Cities Health District (ACCHD), through the collaboration with the Community Partnerships for Healthy Mothers and Children project, has implemented policy, systems, and environment change by developing community strategies with the dual purpose of increasing awareness of how and where to access healthy foods and beverages, as well as cultivating community partnerships in various settings who help to facilitate the message of Choose Fresh; ultimately changing the community environment in order to increase the number of chronic disease prevention and management resources in the community. The goal of the project is to make choosing fresh fruits and vegetables as well as healthy beverages the norm in our community. In addition, community partnerships will provide the mechanism to ensure sustainability of the Choose Fresh message for years to come.

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Date Added
October 6, 2017