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Maureen Lytle

2023 Multi-State WIC Participant Satisfaction Survey

The survey, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, assessed WIC participant satisfaction across multiple states (Arkansas, Colorado, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Connecticut, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, […]

Celebrating 50 Years of WIC

Since the first clinic opened in 1974, WIC has improved the health and well-being of millions of pregnant women, infants, children, and families. Join us in celebrating this remarkable legacy […]

How to Build a Participant Advisory Council

When agencies are designing public services, it’s important to conduct research with people who will be directly impacted by the product or service. One way to do this is by […]

National Survey of Children’s Health (NSCH)

Data Sampling and Sample Size: NSCH is a random sampling of 300,000 households, and is a repeated cross-sectional survey. It is a repeated cross-sectional survey. Latest year available (2021) had […]