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Power Your Mission: Human-Centered Technology and WIC

The National WIC Association (NWA) is thrilled to announce the formation of the WIC Technology Resource Group, a resource and learning partnership between NWA and Nava, a government technology consultancy and public benefit corporation (Nava PBC), with contributions from Code for America, a nonprofit focused on digital tools for government. This partnership will serve as a knowledge-sharing group aligned with our vision of using technology to improve and enhance the WIC experience. Some of the group’s resources, which provide guidance on the basic principles of human-centered technology practices, are now available.

Resources in this Collection

Setting goals: Power your mission
Instead of purely defining goals around a functioning technology product,…
Building tech: Power your mission
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Engaging users and iterating: Power your mission
Rather than building your product based on assumptions about what…

Measuring success: Power your mission
To make sure product and program outcome success are linked,…
Launching New Digital Tools for WIC Participants: A Guide for WIC Agencies
This toolkit helps WIC agencies become more informed purchasers of…
Supporting WIC Enrollment: Using Technology to Improve Certification Experience for WIC Participants and WIC Agencies
The National WIC Association and Nava Public Benefit Corporation (Nava)…

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Learn About the Newly Formed WIC Technology Resource Group!
The National WIC Association (NWA) is thrilled to announce the…