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GROWing Resources and Better Health Outcomes in Southwest Virginia

Cumberland Plateau Health District created this poster to highlight their local work establishing the GROW coalition to promote healthy resources in their community. This poster was created during the CPHMC project and was presented at NWA’s Annual Conference in May 2016.

Cumberland Plateau Health District faces many barriers to healthy outcomes, such as a lack of education, poverty, very rural landscape with most people living at least thirty minutes away from their closest health department or social services office and problems with regular transportation. Resources are very spread out and not many people know of their existence and how to access them. Their project sought to address the lack of knowledge of health and wellness-related resources in Tazewell and Russell County. They also desired to strengthen the network of providers by referring clients to other agency resources, simply by becoming more informed of each agency and their purpose within the community. In addition, they desired to improve the numbers of fruits and vegetable consumed by introducing the Growing Healthy Habits curriculum into Tazewell and Russell County Public Schools and a private daycare in Richlands as well. This project gave CPHD a platform to address community needs that may not have been addressed any other way.


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October 17, 2017