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Gateway Referral Pad

Gateway WIC created this referral pad as part of their local work on referrals during the CPHMC project. This WIC Rx pad has locations and contact info for 3 different WIC offices as well as options for providers to refer patients for prenatal nutrition, breastfeeding support, healthy food vouchers and referrals to medical providers and other community services.

Camden, New Jersey has a population of just over 76,000 in an area of 8.92 square miles (U.S. Census). As of 2016, there were 72 WIC authorized stores in Camden county with 37 stores located in the city of Camden that are mostly small corner stores with fewer options. As a result, one-third of the WIC participants surveyed said they travel beyond the city limits to redeem their WIC vouchers (2015, Gateway WIC Participant Survey). During our needs assessment we realized that there were a number of programs and organizations in Camden that were serving similar and sometimes the same population as the WIC program. By focusing on establishing and enhancing the community clinical linkages in Camden, this project sought to provide continuum of care for WIC clients to address obesity and chronic diseases, long after their WIC consultation . By helping WIC participants and Camden community members connect with health care providers, community organization and other public health agencies, this project improved their access to preventive and chronic care services.


Date Added
October 7, 2017