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Geography: Kentucky

Mapping a WIC Mother’s Journey: A Preliminary Analysis

To rapidly explore participation barriers in the Kentucky WIC program and edify preliminary participant journey narratives utilizing direct observation, an abbreviated participant observation experience, and focus group techniques. As part […]

Kentucky State WIC Page

The Kentucky State WIC Page includes main contacts, State WIC profiles, and state-specific resources and links.

Kentucky 2017 WIC and Nutrition Manual

Guidance for local WIC agencies in Kentucky on how to deliver WIC services in line with Kentucky Dept. of Public Health, Nutrition Services Branch WIC policies and procedures.

The Challenge of Preventing and Treating Obesity in Low-Income Preschool Children: Perceptions of WIC Healthcare Professionals

The purpose of this study was to develop innovative ways to address the different perceptions about the challenges that exist in managing childhood obesity among WIC healthcare professionals. Based on the thoughts, perceptions, and suggestions from the healthcare professionals, the researchers concluded that WIC may benefit from (1) providing staff training in counseling skills that educate parents on child development and child rearing, (2) focusing more attention on counseling, and (3) developing collaborations with primary healthcare providers and community agencies that impact childhood obesity.

Kentucky WIC Manual for Applying Retailers

A Kentucky Dept. of Public Health, Nutrition Services Branch WIC publication that outlines policies and procedures for selling WIC approved foods to participants in Kentucky.